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Jan 21, 1, Southwest NH. Heating square feet from an unfinished basement with no problem. Easy to run, love the ash pan for cleaning, the large fire box and it's a darn pretty stove! I would highly recommend this stove to anyone. JDC1 Feeling the Heat. Aug 17, NE Ohio. We installed an F this year as well and the Isle Royale was a serious contender. I found our stove at a closed stove store and could not pass on the deal that I got. This thing is a serious heater. We have square feet and I have not been able to stretch its legs until last weeks teens and low 20s. It kept our stove room and kitchen in the low 80s, back side of the house at high 60s and upstairs in the low 60s.

I have been able to reload on coals after 8 hours and am still learning how to get the best operation out of it. Good Luck. Mar 4, Eastern PA. No direct experience on the comparison. In our case, the choice had come down to Isle Royale vs. Jotul Oslo F It was a tough call. We liked the top loading possibility with the IR, since we were coming off a top loading VC.

But the Jotul was simpler, with one air control lever to operate, compared to two air controls plus a bypass damper on the IR. The Jotul also seemed like it would be simpler to maintain, with rectangular fire bricks and no special bricks with unusual shapes or holes in them. Also, at the time, Quad was transitioning from their former lifetime warranty to a time-limited warranty, but were still advertising lifetime on some of the web pages and on displays at dealers.

When I pressed, though, I was finally told that my new purchase would not actually qualify for the lifetime warranty. Now, that's ok, as lifetime warranties are rare in the industry, but the way it was being handled during the transition just turned me off. I'm sure I would have been happy with either purchase. There are some very happy IR users on this forum, and I'm sure they'll chime in. We ultimately went with the F, and we are thrilled with the performance and super-easy operation of the stove.

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My only complaints are minor, and I think apply to the F as well: 1. The front door design along the bottom is such that it creates a pocket for ash to collect above the lower edge of the door.

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When the front door is opened, that ash dumps out onto the ash lip. The total solution to this is use the stove as a side loader, which works better anyway. The air control needs annual lubrication with graphite powder lubricant to keep it sliding smoothly. It's a 5 minute job and no big deal, but the control gets sticky if you neglect this maintenance. My only buyers remorse on our F is that we cheaped out and bought the standard matte black. The blue-black enamel is truly lovely, and I wish we had spent the extra, but the stove shop was doing a really nice extra discount on the matte black stoves at the time.

Happy burning with whichever you ultimately buy. Chelmsford Fireplace Center New Member. Jan 17, 20 7 Summer St. Chelmsford MA www. Both stoves are great options and will produce very similar real world heating results. The biggest difference is if you want to front and top load or front and right side load?

Besides that I'll say IMHO it's real tuff to beat Jotul's cast iron quality and simplicity of their clean burn system. Thanks for the replies.

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The way my place is laid out, long rectangular single story, Iv'e been wondering if the fan option on the IR would make a big difference in pushing the heat out into the further parts of the house. Another question i have is the IR being rated higher efficiency All I can say is that it seems I am going through a lot less wood than I did with the vigilant.

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I am anticipating being a cord less wood this year than I used in the smaller Vigilant last year. Jan 22, Northern IL. Remkel said:. Had to rule out the F The back vent is just a quater inch too high to make it into my zc fireplace opening. Now looking at the Isle Royale which just bareley fits the Jotul Rangeley and the Oslo which would both fit easily. It seems the only difference is cosmetic. Ready to nail this down tommorrow.


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