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In conclusion I feel that the refurbishment process by these Sony Centres not to be adequate currently, and they need to check the settings carefully, before certifying them refurbished. Annoyingly the ebay store only ships to mainland UK. Definitely not, very little difference, go for the if you're in the mood for a change. You will find just as many people with plenty of issues with onkyo and pioneer, it's just one of those things! I've had this amp for a while now and couldn't be happier, incidentally upgraded from an onkyo which also performed very well in the time I had it.

I have the H and its seen Denons customer service teams office more than my house - avoid - recommend the equivalent Onkyo or Pioneer. Must learn self control. Superb receiver, sounds excellent in surround but I must admit I am slightly disappointed when I play music through it. I would stay away from Onkyo, they used to be a good solid brand but it seems they have been cutting corners and their service is not up to scratch. I had to call them recently, they operate out of Germany and subcontract their repairs services to independent 3rd parties in the UK.

My understanding is that they were taken over by another company, so maybe that explains it. I've got a basic Pioneer VSX and the dialogue on films is very low, I'm forever adjusting the volume. Do you think this upgrade will solve this? Everyone knew they sounded worse than hifis - but everyone loved the convenience of them Just my opinion tho! Can you confirm what they say in the reviews about a single crossover setting for all speakers is true?

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  4. Arrived and all set up! Lovely bit of kit! Only downside is the Chromecast built in - Appears it's for audio only. Had to plug my original chromecast back in. Current crop 7. I have an Onkyo which is near deaths door OSD no longer works at all so can only use menus that are available on the main display screen on the AVR itself, and sometimes have to power off and on again if starts with display flickering.

    Anyone know if there are many out there with more than the standard 4 HDMI inputs in the back? My has from memory 4 in the back and one in front, of which I could do with more, though I've just bought an HDMI splitter to install for those less frequently used ones.

    Yes and no, regardless of this DAC's differ across receivers hence the difference in sound. But most certainly if I had the disposable income I certainly would test out a more expensive receiver. Bought it, no regrets. Got the 5,1 from old onkyo speakers, but the sub is passive and i need active. Also what would u suggest about the extra two speakers to make it from 5 to 7. You can use any speakers as ceiling speakers if you are wiring.

    This allows the special wireless Yamaha ones if not or you have run out of connections but they are hundreds.. Got this and using my onkyo speakers, the subwoofer on the onkyo is with two wires where as on yamaha with a plug, will need one with internal power.

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    8. For atmos can i add any 2 speakers or they have to be some special ones specific for yamaha. I'm in the market for a new receiver and was looking at Onkyo ZR, but with this dropping in price, I'm having to compare specs and set up. Anyone have one of these that can recommend it? Good deal.

      How to choose the best AV receiver for you

      I would have preferred a Marantz over my Denon but I hate that bloody porthole design. Definitely go for the if going for the s, big bigger but the is designed to match the smaller speakers in the range and won't match as well. Cheers OP, just bought one a few days ago in a richer sounds VIP deal and was able to get a price beat based on this deal y. I bought brand new for , but they had limited quantity at that price. I would recommend checking the link in a while see if one comes up.

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      I've just upgraded from an old Onkyo and still using the Jamo A 5. Instead of posting myself thought it better that you can just update your post or a mod can. This is replacing a nearly decade old RX-V - i'm sorry to see it go it's been a fine amp Have a regular Chromecast in the bedroom I could try first actually. Might save me a fortune over the other route I was contemplating - replacement! Yea mine has glass doors too. Keeps the dust away as well as the toddler but didn't want my stuff dying early with heat.

      Easy enough as the middle of a Besta is just cardboard. I have a glass top so I put it on the side. I used a mm hole saw on my drill but it would be easy cut with a keyhole saw if you draw around a CD.

      I have a Betsa unit too, and I've left the middle panel off on the back, but it has a glass front, which is warm to the touch in use. Looks like I'm unhooking it all at weekend and doing a bit of DIY. Just a word of advice for people here who really want this amp.

      This sold out hours of this deal being shown here I contacted Sony on that day and they said they update their website stock on Thursdays and would be getting the amp back in stock I've spent ever morning since checking and today by chance after a few refreshes throughout the morning it appeared and it's on its way 24th July. So basically if you want it just keep checking, they'll put them on as and when they're available Looks like I got the only one today! But bear in mind the trouble I am having receiving a refund. First two weeks they said they would lift it which they didn't so I returned it by myself.

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      Now for the last 3 weeks supposedly they are waiting for a credit note from Sony before I recieve my refund. I don't know my next move except to phone them every couple of days. I always liked the nrx series for a cheaper priced alternative. Drop the two extra channels and save a couple of hundred quid. Fine for smaller rooms. I have this receiver - it is excellent. Plenty loud enough for my front room and some great features like dynamic volume and the like.

      Best Black Friday Receiver Deals

      Lots of inputs too. Far better than my old huge Onkyo. But what you really want is lots of volume, in decibels, you don't actually care how much power is used to achieve that. Depending on your speakers and room you may only need 30 watts a channel to get a clean decibels everywhere. And like I said, a lot of the power is in the sub, which is generally active so has its own amp. There are some people who need lots of power - if you have a huge room or terribly inefficient speakers.

      That's not most people. A bump in output by watts makes almost no difference, you need to head into the many hundreds of watts range to make a decent impact on sound pressure. Likewise, hence recommending it above. One thing I will mention though is the quality from the built-in Spotify Connect is very poor, nothing to do with bitrate but just sounds poor, muddied with collapsed soundstage, to the extent that was the first thing I'd tried and was so disappointed I was going to send it back.